Strategic Planning

The business leaders of an organization that has merged with a former competitor need to develop a strategic plan that will result in significant increase in market share. At the same time, they must recognize the challenges they face in bringing together two very different cultures.

Virtual Teaming

A team with a head office function and regional representation across the country is struggling with how to operate in a matrix structure. The regional managers report directly to the businesses, but they also need to work collaboratively with head office, where many of the decisions have to be made.

Implementing a New Sales Strategy

A team with tight timelines and many deliverables must implement a new and radical sales strategy requiring members to work in unfamiliar and innovative ways. People are hesitant to talk about the real issues or to challenge each other. As a result, critical issues are not addressed, conflict is swept under the rug, and strategy suffers.

Communities of Practice

A group of engineers across a company who report to different businesses form a "learning community" to discuss the latest developments in the field and troubleshoot each other's most difficult design challenges.

Not Meeting Project Deadlines

Lack of clarity about roles and responsibilities in a project team results in wasted time and repeated work. The outcome is failure to meet project deadlines, which can lead to significant financial consequences for the organization.