• Learning at the individual, team and organizational levels - is critical to successful change management. Change will only be sustainable if:

    • The tried and true ways of doing things are carefully examined

    • Individuals are willing to learn to challenge their assumptions and habitual ways of thinking

  • Change is not limited to those in management positions. Everyone can exercise leadership in change. It is not a position but a personal choice.

    • People need to understand the personal implications of the change

    • The most effective change interventions include the whole system, not simply in implementation, but also in the design phase.

  • Effective leadership is critical to successful organizational change. The key role of the leader is to create the context and conditions in which the cultural mindset can shift from:

    Control, Compliance and Defensiveness
    Learning, Trust and Partnership.

  • Strategic conversations are required at all levels of the organization. They identify gaps in understanding and define and sustain the change efforts.