The challenge of leading knowledge workers and teams is that traditional coaching techniques no longer have the same impact. "Coach as expert" rarely results in sustainable improvement in performance.

Partnership Coaching is a versatile, straightforward approach to generating the best in ourselves and others. It helps the coach to:
  • surface the patterns, language and practices, that hold people back from making the changes they want to make
  • explore their "way of thinking"
  • become a skilled listener and questioner
  • challenge and support others to find their own answers, and in the process, develop their own capability
This results in new behaviours that lead to increased confidence, energy, enthusiasm, and the skill to take on new challenges.

Nxknowledge’s Partnership Coaching Model integrates principles, practices and a process.

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How many of us continually and unintentionally "shoot ourselves in the foot"?

Imagine being able to identify these patterns, self-correct, and subsequently apply those learnings to other aspects of your life!

Think of a tennis player who, rather than focusing on the ball, is focusing on not being embarrassed and worrying about the strength of her backhand or the accuracy of her serve. This internal conversation can have a tremendously negative impact on the player’s performance.

The coach helps the player focus on what is important - hitting the ball.