What's next - the next frontier in knowledge, products, services and learning - happens when people talk and work together. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that they are in touch with both what's next and what matters.

Staying in touch with what’s next and what matters in this knowledge era requires an improved ability to sense and respond to the changing environment. This requires a new way of thinking, being and producing results.


We work in partnership with you to provide integrated solutions that:

  • Build a partnership culture of accountability, collaboration and trust vs control and compliance
  • Challenge existing mindsets that keep people locked in old ways of thinking, which stifle innovation
  • Engage in productive conversations where knowledge and information are easily shared

Nxknowledge recognizes the critical link between knowledge and learning in all our work with clients...

Leadership - building leadership capability for effective strategic and operational performance
Change Management and Whole System Change - supporting organizational change systems and processes
Authentic Teaming - working with a leadership team to come together around a critical business issue
Partnership Coaching - coaching leaders in creating a culture shift that will move the organization toward personal responsibility for learning and action
"The knowledge era requires a partnership culture that centres itself around the key stakeholders - customers, constituents, business partners, is dynamic, based on value creation, builds relationships, leverages partnerships/alliances, and promotes self initiation".
Hubert Saint-Onge, Knowledge Management Strategist
“Great leadership transfers your strategies into exceptional performance”. Combine the best of classroom and online training ….a most advanced blended approach!
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NXK's Leadership Resource Centre (LRC) provides a resource for our work with leaders in supporting a culture shift from compliance to partnership. Our LRC houses our first "fieldbook", Productive Business Conversations. PBC Online provides knowledge at your fingertips and opportunities to practice improving your conversations.

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