"One of the best courses I’ve attended."
Manager, Card Services, CIBC

Leading Effective Business Teams offers leaders a process as well as specific techniques to use continuously with their teams in order foster high performance. This program has been delivered to over a thousand leaders.

Who Can Benefit?

Leaders who are expected to develop and lead teams of various sizes and structures within the organization.

The Core Program
  • A 3 - 5 day program, delivered in 1 - 2 day Blocks with "Practice" in between.
  • A practice field for learning through feedback, reflection, and action.
  • Participants will build and develop teams within the workshop and examine their leadership experience through models, tools, and dialogue.
  • The SYMLOG instrument provides feedback from work unit teams as well as self-perceptions.
The Follow-Up
  • A 2-day workshop.
  • Sustains and expands the learnings from the core program.
  • An opportunity for participants to learn from each others’ successes and work on their own leadership and team challenges.
  • Introduction and application of a Team Learning tool to resolve real business issues.
Unlike other programs, Leading Effective Business Teams immerses participants in a teaming experience. In order to simulate the real-life business environment, members will live and explore the interpersonal dynamics at both small group and large group levels.

Teams Build Business Success…You Need to Build Team Success

Leading Effective Business teams is your opportunity to acquire these capabilities:
  • Accelerate start-up of project teams.
  • Foster commitment to a clear, common and compelling vision.
  • Generate effective team conversations, and working sessions marked by the open contribution of diverse views.
  • Turn around and revitalize floundering teams.
  • Engender self reliance in your team so as to minimize their dependence on the leader.
  • Become clear about your role and impact as leader, and confident in bringing your unique value to the team.