Becoming more aware of things as they are, without judgement, in order to open more opportunities for improved performance.

Selection of and commitment to a desired goal rests with the learner.

Every person already has the authority and innate capability to realize her performance objectives and potential.


Focus Attention
Help others bring increased awareness to both their internal and external realities by providing an area of focus.

Reduce interference
Help others become aware of the deeply held beliefs and thought patterns that limit their learning.

Listen Effectively
Help others access their natural wisdom by giving full, nonjudgmental attention.

Inquire Effectively
Help others express their desired futures, points of view, thinking and feelings by using open-ended, non-judgmental questions.


This initial conversation focuses on identifying the individualís coaching goal(s). It can include both what the person hopes to achieve over a series of sessions as well as the goal for this specific conversation.

Current Reality
This conversation helps the individual clarify the current reality and become more aware of what is happening right now.

This conversation helps the learner generate and explore options for achieving the identified goal(s) - moving toward the desired future.

Whatís Next?
This conversation helps the learner identify what she wants to do next. It includes identifying the specific actions she will take.

Partnership Coaching

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