Your organization, like many, may have used a number of change initiatives, from downsizing and re-engineering to teams and balanced scorecards. You have likely seen some improvements, but none may have lived up to their promise.

So why do most change initiatives fail?

Most people have good intentions. They want to make a difference. Change initiatives fail when they are focused only on the technical aspects and neglect the human needs required when adapting to change.

  What will make a difference?

Initially we need to address the patterns we all use to maintain the status quo, stay in control, avoid embarrassing ourselves and others, and prove that we know what we’re doing. People need to be able to voice their concerns and their hopes. They need to be engaged in the change and feel that their participation can make a difference. This will allow them to address the difficult andundiscussable issues that arise in any change process.

NxKnowledge, keeping several core principles front and centre, works with organizational leaders and members to engage people in understanding the business of change. We work with you and your stakeholders to :
  • develop a jointly held picture of what is next and what matters.
  • create strategies and work plans that will ensure a successful and enduring change.
We generally follow a three phase process of change.

Change = Desire x Vision x First Steps > Resistance

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Definition of Insanity

"Doing things the same way over and over again and expecting different results"

What causes good people and well intentioned organizations to make bad decisions and produce poor, even disastrous, results?

See an outline of our commissioned work for the Walkerton Inquiry here.